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Table 1 Formulas used for the estimation of the RDT sensitivity and specificity on malaria - attributable fever

From: Accuracy of a rapid diagnostic test on the diagnosis of malaria infection and of malaria - attributable fever during low and high transmission season in Burkina Faso

  Malaria - attributable fevers Fevers not attributable to malaria
RDT+ a) True Positives c) False Positives
RDT- b) False Negatives d) True Negatives
  1. All summations of the 20 combinations from the cross-classification of parasite density (5 strata: 0, 1-400, 401-4000, 4001-40,000 and > 40,000) and age (4 strata: 6-11 months, 1-4 years, 5-14 years, ≥ 15 years).