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Table 4 Perspectives and opinions of utilisation of rapid diagnostic test (RDT) results in the treatment of malaria: among 63 health workers at 21 lower level health facilities in Uganda

From: Use of RDTs to improve malaria diagnosis and fever case management at primary health care facilities in Uganda

Thematic factor RDT positive results RDT negative results
Accuracy of test kits Health workers believe in the results of RDTs, particularly positive
[45 respondents (71%)]
RDTs can miss a case of malaria (false negative)
[32 respondents (51%)]
  I believe that RDT positive results are truly positive [58 respondents (92%)] I believe that RDT negative results are truly negative
[31 respondents (49%)]
Practice of treatment I do not treat all RDT positive patients with anti-malarials
[28 respondents (44%)]
I treat febrile patients with anti-malarials despite of negative test results because a negative RDT result does not exclude malaria [23 respondents (37%)]