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Table 1 CRIMALDDI Consortium Membership

From: CRIMALDDI: a co-ordinated, rational, and integrated effort to set logical priorities in anti-malarial drug discovery initiatives

Participating Institution Principal Investigator
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Prof Steve Ward
WHO/TDR Dr Solomon Nwaka
Medicines for Malaria Venture Dr Ian Bathurst
University of Heidelberg Prof Michael Lanzer
University of Milan Prof Donatella Taramelli
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) Prof Henri Vial
Inserm (Inserm-EPFL Joint Laboratory) Prof Christian Doerig
University of Buea Prof Simon Efange
(also representing ANDI*)
University of Cape Town Prof Kelly Chibale
(also representing ANDI*)
Consortium Co-ordinating Office  
Mr Ian Boulton Project Manager & Facilitator
Ms Susan Jones EU Project Manager
Ms Tracy Seddon Administrator
  1. * ANDI is an initiative to promote & sustain African-led R&D innovation through the discovery, development, and delivery of affordable new tools including those based on traditional medicines [18].