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Table 4 Health worker adherence to malaria diagnostic test results and training instructions in Blantyre, Malawi, 2009

From: Comparative field performance and adherence to test results of four malaria rapid diagnostic tests among febrile patients more than five years of age in Blantyre, Malawi

Test results Training instructions Treated with anti-malarial
n/N (%)
Sites with local microscopy   
   Microscopy positive, RDT positive Treat for malaria 366/368 (99)
   Microscopy positive, RDT negative Treat for malaria 283/286 (99)
   Microscopy negative, RDT negative Do not treat for malaria 34/471 (7)
   Microscopy negative, RDT positive Do not treat for malaria 83/155 (54)
Sites without local microscopy   
   RDT positive Treat for malaria 985/1,005 (98)
   RDT negative Do not treat for malaria 223/385 (58)
  1. RDT = Malaria rapid diagnostic test