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Figure 4

From: Artemisone effective against murine cerebral malaria

Figure 4

Brain histopathology of non-infected C57Bl/6Aus mice (A, B), PbAus-infected C57Bl/6Aus mice on day 6 post-inoculation (C, D), or infected artemisone-treated C57Bl/6Aus mice on day 8 (E) or 13 (F) post-inoculation. All PbAus-infected control mice died of ECM on days 7-12 post-inoculation. PbAus-infected mice treated with 2 × 20 mg/kg/d artemisone on days 6-8 post-inoculation were sacrificed on days 8-13 post-inoculation and brains taken for histology. Histological analysis of brain sections from non-infected mice demonstrated healthy parenchyma and intact blood vessels. Haemorrhages and leukocyte-packed vessels were apparent in mice one week post-PbAus inoculation while artemisone-treated mice displayed only minor haemorrhaging; vessels were intact and clear of leukocytes. Arrows indicate hemorrhages and/or blood vessels.

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