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Figure 5

From: Artemisone effective against murine cerebral malaria

Figure 5

Parasitemias (A), weights (B), and body temperatures (C) of PbAus-infected C57Bl/6 mice treated with 2 × 2.5 mg/kg/d or 2 × 5 mg/kg/d artesunate or artemisone. Injections (arrows) were given on days 7-9 post-inoculation; control mice were administered 2 × 20 μl DMSO per day. *p < 0.001, control vs. treated mice. Administration of 2 × 2.5 mg/kg/d artesunate did not prevent ECM death; 2 × 5 mg/kg/d artesunate prevented ECM in most mice and delayed death from anemic malaria by approximately one week. Both doses of artemisone prevented ECM in all treated mice, delayed recrudescence and prevented death. Changes in temperature and weight were in accordance with disease severity, and the differences in overall group scores. Average values ± SD (error bars) are presented.

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