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Table 1 Scoring chart for definition and severity of ECM disease as per clinical signs.

From: Artemisone effective against murine cerebral malaria

Appearance Normal 0
  Coat ruffled 1
  Coat staring; panting 2
Behaviour (undisturbed) Normal 0
  Hunched; wobbly gait 1
  Partial paralysis; immobile* 2
  Convulsions; coma* 3
Food intake Normal 0
  Up to 10% loss in body weight 1
  10%-15%* loss in body weight 2
  More than 15% loss in body weight* 3
Body temperature Normal (36-37°C) 0
  34-35°C 1
  32-33°C* 2
  Below 32°C* 3
  1. Mice with a cumulative score of 5 or above are sacrificed, and death deemed to be on the following day.
  2. *Endpoint for mouse sacrifice.
  3. Also in response to stimulation.