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Table 2 Physiological processes and "fiat process parts" of malaria vector listed in IDOMAL

From: IDOMAL: an ontology for malaria

process   fiat process part  
behavioural process 189 cell-to-cell communication 0
chorion formation 2 descent to the body surface and alighting 4
circulation 0 descent to water surface 0
developmental process 30 development of competence 0
distension of midgut 6 digestion of food 27
egg laying 1 equilibrium during flight 0
endocrine system process 1 exploration and examination of body surface 33
excretion 15 flight orientation 0
fertilization 0 food ingestion 6
formation of ovarian follicles 0 formation of assembly 9
formation of peritrophic matrix 2 gliding 0
growth 4 hovering 0
immune system process 17 internalization of vitellogenin 1
muscular system process 25 long-range approach 30
nervous system process 5 organelle synthesis in midgut cells 5
nutritional process 1 ovarian cycle 27
previtellogenic development 2 ovarian developmental stages (Christophers) 10
regulation of biological process 1 ovarian developmental stages (Troy et al.) 9
release of 20-hydroxyecdysone 0 oviposition 0
reproduction 90 persistent locomotion 0
respiration 5 process of oogenesis 40
response to stimulus 87 process of ovulation 1
rRNA synthesis in oocyte and nurse cells 0 production of digestive enzymes 4
saliva secretion 0 senses and flight response during mating 29
secretion of peritrophic matrix in larvae 0 short-range approach to the host 5
sensory perception 21 skin-hopping 0
stimulation of vitellogenin synthesis 0   
termination stage 0   
untrastructural change in the trophocyte 6   
vector metabolic process 32   
vitellogenesis 10   
vitellogenic stage 1   
vitellogenin synthesis 2   
  1. The table lists, alphabetically, physiological processes and fiat process parts of malaria vectors that are currently listed in IDOMAL. The numbers refer to the numbers of individual child terms of a given term. When a zero (0) is indicated, the term in the table has no children listed in the ontology.