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Table 5 Predicted CD8+ T cell-restricted epitopes within AMA1 15-mer peptides specific for each volunteer

From: Identification and localization of minimal MHC-restricted CD8+ T cell epitopes within the Plasmodium falciparum AMA1 protein

Peptide number Predicted epitope Amino acid
IC50 nM HLA restriction HLA supertype Epitope number
1 LLSAFEFTYMINF GR 13-21 5 B*1801 B44 E1
2 QNSDVYRPINEH REH 35-44 14991 B*4402 B44 E2
3 INEHREHPKEYEYPL 47-55 18 B*0801 B08 E3
5 KEYEYPLHQEH TYQQ 51-59 39 B*1801 B44 E4
6 NQYLKDGGFAF PTE 175-183 142 B*0801 B08 E5
7 LMSPMTLDEMRHFYK 194-202 17 A*0101 A01 E6
9 EMRHFYKDNKY VKNL 198-207 4742 A*0101 A01 E7
10 EDIPHVNEFPAIDLF 327-335 7 B*1801 B44 E8
12 CNKLVFELSA DQPK 339-346 5708 A*0201 A02 E9
13 FKADRYKSHGKGY NW 389-397 201 A*3002 A01 E10
14 ETQKCEIFNV KPCL 405-414 142 A*6802 A02 E11
  ETQKCEIFNV KPCL 406-414 919 A*0201 A02 E12
15 CEIFNVKPTCL INNS 410-419 617 A*6802 A02 E13
16 TSNNEVVVKEEY DE 520-528 15 B*1801 B44 E14
  1. The 15-mer peptides that were recognized by the volunteers (Table 3) were analysed by NetMHC web-based software to predict potential high affinity HLA binding by minimal CD8+ T cell epitopes within each 15-mer. Each minimal epitope was specific for a known HLA allele within each supertype. Those minimal epitopes with the strongest binding affinities for the HLA supertype of each volunteer were selected. The Table shows the minimal epitopes in bold. Two different HLA-restricted epitopes were predicted with peptide 14.