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Table 6 ELISpot IFN-γ activity of the original peptide pool and the derived 8-10-mer epitopes

From: Identification and localization of minimal MHC-restricted CD8+ T cell epitopes within the Plasmodium falciparum AMA1 protein

Epitope number Sequence HLA supertype sfc/m Pool sfc/m Vol.
E1 FEFTYMINF B44 1214m Ap1 1334m 001
E2 SDVYRPINEH B44 1144m Ap1 1334m 001
E3 HPKEYEYPL B08 694m Ap1 964m 002
E4 YEYPLHQEH B44 2224m Ap1 1334m 001
E5 YLKDGGFAF B08 910d Ap4 4610d 005
E6 TLDEMRHFYK A01 514m Ap4 1144m 002
E7 MRHFYKDNKY A01 1510d Ap4 4610d 005
E8 NEFPAIDLF B44 2244m Ap7 2004m 001
- - - 497m Ap7 807m 012
E9 KLVFELSA A02 1694m Ap7 2004m 001
E10 RYKSHGKGY A01 117m Ap8 1087m 012
E11 ETQKCEIFNV A02 2110m Ap8 5710m 008
E12 TQKCEIFNV A02 1724m Ap8 1044m 001
E13 EIFNVKPTCL A02 3710m Ap8 5710m 008
E14 NEVVVKEEY B44 3444m Ap10 1554m 001
- - - 1047m Ap10 1517m 012
  1. Synthetic peptide 8-10-mers were tested in ELISpot assay using PBMC collected 10 days (v005), 4 months (v001, v002), 7 months (v012) or 10 months (v008) following immunization (PBMC collected at 1 month were no longer available). Activity was measured as sfc/m. Nine of the 14 epitopes (E1, E2, E3, E4, E6, E8, E9, E12 and E14) were confirmed as positive using the parent peptide pool as controls, in most cases recalling responses equivalent to those recalled by the parent peptide pool (epitope number and sequences in bold). Four of the epitopes (E5, E7, E11, E13) did not meet the 40 sfc/m cut-off but these results were not considered meaningful as the responses of the parent peptide pools were only marginally positive. The parent peptide pool for E10 recalled 108 sfc/m while the responses to the peptide were much lower (11 sfc/m), suggesting that E10 may not be correctly identified. Assays where the parent peptide pool did not exceed the cut-off of 40 sfc/m were not included in the table (see Methods).