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Table 7 Summary of the properties of AMA1 epitopes

From: Identification and localization of minimal MHC-restricted CD8+ T cell epitopes within the Plasmodium falciparum AMA1 protein

Epitope HLA-restriction Amino acids Sequence Location Crystal
E1 B44 13-21 FEFTYMINF Signal   
E2 B44 35-44 SD VYR PI NEH Prodomain   
E3 B08 47-55 HPKE YE YP L Prodomain   
E4 B44 51-59 YE YP LHQE H Prodomain   
E5 B08 175-183 Y LKDGGFAF Domain I F/B YnaKD
E6 A01 194-202 TLDE+MRHF Y Domain I B D, E, H, F
E7 A01 198-207 MRHF YKD NKY Domain I F/B H, F, D, K, Y
E8 B44 327-335 NE FP AI DLF Domain II F/B E, P, I
E9 A02 339-346 KLVFELS* A Domain II F E, L
E10 A01 389-397 RYKSH GK GY Domain II F H, K, Y
E11 A02 405-414 ETQ KCEIFNV Domain II B E, T, Q, N
E12 A02 406-414 TQ KCEIFNV Domain II F T, Q, N
E13 A02 410-419 EIFNVK*PTCL Domain II F NK
E14 B44 520-528 NEVVVKE* EY Domain III F VEE
  1. Variable amino acids are highlighted in bold.
  2. *Indicated that there is only one variant of <0.001% frequency
  3. E+ is essential for binding of growth inhibitory MAb 1F9
  4. F = front, B = back, F/B = wraps from front to back
  5. Yna Accessibility not available for amino acid Y
  6. Confirmed epitope numbers are indicated in bold