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Table 1 Definition of categories

From: Seeking treatment for symptomatic malaria in Papua New Guinea

Category Definition
1. Site Living in a village which is situated within either the Madang or Maprik region
2. Group G1 - villages less than half an hour walk
G2 - villages between 1 - 2 hours walk
G3 - villages greater than 3 hours walk.
3. Age Reported age of individual seeking treatment (as a continuous variable)
4. Access Participant reports which relate to ability to access a treatment provider
5. Perception Participant reports which relate to quality of the treatment, both positive and negative
6. Availability of Medicine Participant reports which relate to availability of medicine
7. Finding a Cure Participant reports which relate to a need to seek treatment in order to find a cure
8. Focusing on the Illness Participant reports which focus on the illness rather than identifying a way of treating it
9. Minutes Minutes taken to travel to a treatment as reported by the participant
10. Other A small number of participant reports which primarily related to seeking a particular treatment "because they usually do" or "because they were referred there" were grouped under this category