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Table 4 Detection of malaria parasites by microscopy, the pfldh real-time PCR assay and the species-specific real-time PCR assay

From: Comparison of real-time PCR and microscopy for malaria parasite detection in Malawian pregnant women

  Organism(s) detected by each method (No. of samples)
Malaria-causing speciesa Microscopy, thin and thick blood smears Real-Time PCR, pfldh assay Real-Time PCR, species-specific assayb
P. falciparum P. falciparum (11) P. falciparum (10) -
   Negative (1) Negative (1)
Non- P. falciparum P. malariae (3) P. falciparum (1) P. falciparum (1)
   Negative (2) P. malariae (1)
Negative (1)
Negative Negative (461) P. falciparum (40) P. falciparum (37)
P. falc. + P. malariae (2)
Negative (1)
   Negative (421) -
Total 475 475 44
  1. a Malaria species are classified according to the diagnosis obtained from the blood smear examination.
  2. b Species-specific assay is conducted for all specimens with discordant smear and pfldh PCR assay results (44).