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Table 5 Results of the sensitivity analysis, Amazon Region, Brazil, 2006.

From: Cost effectiveness of OptiMal® rapid diagnostic test for malaria in remote areas of the Amazon Region, Brazil

Parameter and variation value * Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio
(ICER) (US$)
Microscopy sensitivity for P. vivax  
0.90 Microscopy dominated
Microscopy specificity for P. vivax  
0.98 Microscopy dominated
Microscopy sensitivity for P. falciparum  
0.90 1,649.77
  Microscopy dominated
Specificity of OptiMal® kit for P. vivax  
0.95 58.92
0.80 15.86
Cost of OptiMal®  
4.93 333.33
3.59 778.80
Cost of transportation to perform one rapid test  
3.08 Rapid test dominated
0.16 586.79
Cost of transportation to perform one thick smear  
6.18 2,428.57
2.12 Rapid test dominated
  1. Cost-effectiveness analysis of the microscopy compared to OptiMal®.
  2. Note: * Only variation values in which changes in ICER occurred are presented.