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Table 3 The odds ratios and P values for the frequency of O and non-O blood group types between the three study categories: patients with severe malaria (SM), uncomplicated malaria (UM), and healthy controls (HC).

From: The ABO blood group and Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Awash, Metehara and Ziway areas, Ethiopia

Blood group compared SM vs. UM X SM vs. HC X UM vs. HC X
O vs. A 0.42,[0.20-0.88],(0.019) 0.43, [0.21-0.88],(0.02) 1.02,[0.60-1.72],(0.93)
O vs. B 0.38,[0.16-0.89],(0.02) 0.47,[0.21-1.06],(0.07) 1.23,[0.66-2.29 ],(0.50)
O vs. AB 0.19,[0.07-0.51],(0.0005) 0.33,[0.14-0.78],(0.009) 1.69, [0.76-3.73 ],(0.19)
O vs. (A,B & AB) 0.35,[0.18-0.67],(0.0013) 0.42,[0.22-0.78],(0.35) 1.18,[0.76-1.84],(0.45)
  1. X values shown are the odds ratios, [95% CI], (P-value).