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Figure 2

From: Identification and characterization of the Plasmodium vivax thrombospondin-related apical merozoite protein

Figure 2

(A) Schematic representation of PvTRAMP indicating the localizations of the predicted signal peptide and transmembrane domain (both in dark gray), as well as the TSR domain (light gray). Localization of the conserved cysteines inside the TSR domain and the synthetic peptides used in this study to obtain anti-PvTRAMP antisera are indicated by arrow heads and white boxes, respectively. (B) PCR amplification of pvtramp from P. vivax genomic DNA and cDNA. Lane 1. Amplification from genomic DNA using primers designed based on the sequence predicted for pvtramp. Lane 2. RT-PCR product amplified from DNAse-treated total P. vivax RNA. (C) Recognition of purified rPvTRAMP by anti-PvTRAMP rabbit sera, as assessed by Western blot. Lane 1: pre-immune sera. Lane 2: hyperimmune sera. Lane H: recognition of purified rPvTRAMP by anti-polyhistidine monoclonal antibody. (D) Western blot analysis of a P. vivax lysate with anti-PvTRAMP rabbit sera. Lane 1: pre-immune sera. Lane 2: hyperimmune sera.

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