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Table 1 The SNP set used to investigate the LTA/TNF/LTB locus.

From: A study of the TNF/LTA/LTB locus and susceptibility to severe malaria in highland papuan children and adults

Map Number db SNP rs SNP Location Gene Role Polymorphic
1 rs2857602 chr6:31641357 LTA Promoter Yes
2 rs2844486 chr6:31641849 LTA Promoter No
3 rs3131637 chr6:31643053 LTA Promoter Yes
4 rs2844484 chr6:31644203 LTA Promoter Yes
5 rs2844483 chr6:31644775 LTA Promoter Yes
6 rs2009658 chr6:31646223 LTA Promoter Yes
7 rs4647191 chr6:31646617 LTA Promoter No
8 rs2844482 chr6:31647746 LTA Promoter Yes
9 rs2071590 chr6:31647747 LTA Promoter Yes
10 rs1800683 chr6:31648050 LTA Promoter Yes
11 rs2239704 chr6:31648120 LTA Exon Yes
12 rs909253 chr6:31648292 LTA Intron (boundary) Yes
13 rs2857713 chr6:31648535 LTA Coding exon Yes
14 rs3093543 chr6:31648736 LTA Coding exon No
15 rs1041981 chr6:31648763 LTA Coding exon Yes
16 rs1799964 chr6:31650287 LTA 3' UTR Yes
17 rs1799724 chr6:31650461 LTA 3' UTR Yes
18 rs1800750 chr6:31650942 TNF Promoter No
19 rs1800629 chr6:31651010 TNF Promoter No
20 rs361525 chr6:31651080 TNF Promoter No
21 rs3179060 chr6:31651651 TNF Coding exon No
22 rs3093661 chr6:31651737 TNF Intron (boundary) No
23 rs1800610 chr6:31651806 TNF Intron Yes
24 rs3093662 chr6:31652168 TNF Intron No
25 rs4645843 chr6:31652541 TNF Coding exon No
26 rs1800620 chr6:31652570 TNF Intron (boundary) No
27 rs3093664 chr6:31652621 TNF Intron (boundary) No
28 rs1800618 chr6:31652897 TNF Coding exon No
29 rs11574936 chr6:31653172 TNF Coding exon No
30 rs3093668 chr6:31654474 TNF 3' UTR No
31 rs3091257 chr6:31654829 TNF 3' UTR Yes
32 rs769178 chr6:31655493 LTB 3' UTR Yes
33 rs769177 chr6:31655590 LTB 3' UTR Yes
34 rs2229699 chr6:31656835 LTB Exon No
35 rs1052248 chr6:31664560 LST1a Exon Yes
  1. aLST1, leukocyte specific transcript 1 (also the 5' UTR of LTB).