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Table 1 Comparison between analysis by RFLP of msp3α gene and sequencing of msp1 gene of P. vivax.

From: Entomologic and molecular investigation into Plasmodium vivax transmission in Singapore, 2009

Location Sample msp3α RFLP pattern msp1 haplotype
Jurong Island SG(EHI)-J10 C Hap1, Hap2
  SG(EHI)-J14 E Hap5, Hap6
  SG(EHI)-J36 F Hap3, Hap4
  SG(EHI)-J57 G Hap14
  SG(EHI)-J67 I Hap18
  SG(EHI)-J68 C, D Hap1, Hap2
Mandai Estate SG(EHI)-M5 B Hap30
  SG(EHI)-M9 C, D Hap1, Hap2
  SG(EHI)-M11 C, D Hap1, Hap2, Hap15
  SG(EHI)-M71 C, D Hap2, Hap13, Hap16
  SG(EHI)-M80 C, D Hap1, Hap2, Hap12
  SG(EHI)-M82 C, D Hap1, Hap2
  SG(EHI)-M84 C, D Hap1, Hap2
  SG(EHI)-M93 C Hap1, Hap2, Hap9, Hap11
  SG(EHI)-M99 C, D Hap1, Hap2, Hap17
  SG(EHI)-M108 C, D Hap1, Hap2, Hap7, Hap8
Sembawang SG(EHI)-S66 H Hap19, Hap22, Hap23, Hap24, Hap25, Hap28, Hap29
  SG(EHI)-S68 J Hap10, Hap20, Hap21, Hap26, Hap27
  SG(EHI)-S69 J Hap10
  1. Each alphabet for msp3α RFLP pattern represents a unique genotype based on analysis of fragment size.