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Figure 1

From: Simultaneous identification of the Anopheles funestus group and Anopheles longipalpis type C by PCR-RFLP

Figure 1

Alignment from 3' to 5' end of the ITS2 region of the rDNA sequenced by Koekemoer et al[5]for An. longipalpis type C, Spillings et al[4]for An. funestus -like and Koekemoer et al[11]for the rest of the species. Dots represent identity with respect to the An. funestus sequences. Dashes represent gaps in sequences. The black triangle indicates the restriction site of the EcoRI enzyme (G^AATTC) in An. funestus-like and An. longipalpis type C. The amplification for An. parensis after PCR-RFLP was not included in these sites.

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