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Table 1 List of species, localities and numbers used.

From: Simultaneous identification of the Anopheles funestus group and Anopheles longipalpis type C by PCR-RFLP

Species Localities Numbers used Total
  Country Village   
An. funestus Mozambique Chibuto (24°40'S, 33°33'E) 3 5
  Malawi Karonga (10°19'S, 34°08'E) 2  
An. funestus-like Malawi Karonga (10°19'S, 34°08'E) 5 5
An. leesoni South Africa Komatipoort (25°26'S, 31°57'E) 3 3
An. longipalpis type C Zambia Macha (16°46'S, 26°94'E) 11 11
An. parensis South Africa Mamfene (27°23'S, 32°12'E) 5 5
An. rivulorum South Africa Komatipoort (25°26'S, 31°57'E) 5 5
   Giyani area (23°15'S, 30°47'E) 7  
An. vaneedeni South Africa Komatipoort area (25°26'S, 31°57'E) 28 46
   Mamfene area (27°23'S, 32°12'E) 10  
   Ndumu (27°02'S, 32°19'E) 1