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Figure 1

From: Insect cells are superior to Escherichia coli in producing malaria proteins inducing IgG targeting PfEMP1 on infected erythrocytes

Figure 1

The structure and characteristics of PFD1235w. (A) Domain structure of PFD1235w with amino acid domain boundaries indicated. Recombinant PFD1235w protein domains produced in (B) baculovirus-infected insect cells (solid lines) and (C) E. coli (dotted lines). (D) Purity (%), (E) yield (mg/ml), (F) table of theoretical and observed molecular weight in kDa of insect cell and E. coli produced domains. Lines ending with a diamond in (B) and (C) indicates recombinant protein inducing IE surface reactive antibodies in rats and (*) constructs tested by Luminex. NM: not measured, NA: not applicable, NP: not produced.

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