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Figure 3

From: Insect cells are superior to Escherichia coli in producing malaria proteins inducing IgG targeting PfEMP1 on infected erythrocytes

Figure 3

IE surface reactivity of sera raised against insect cell and E. coli produced domains of PFD1235w. (A) IE surface reactivity of rat antiserum raised against recombinant PFD1235w as indicated in the legend and measured by flow cytometry. (B) Antibodies against C-terminal located PFD1235w domains show higher IE surface reactivity than antibodies against N-terminal domains. Circles and triangles in (B) show antibody reactivity of plasma from rats immunized with insect cell and E. coli produced domains, respectively. Two-three rats were immunized with different PFD1235w domains and plasma was obtained as described in the Methods section. Antibody reactivity to infected erythrocytes surface expressing PFD1235w was measured by flow cytometry and data given as MFI sample/MFIsample prebleed. The dotted line shows the cut-off defined as described in the Methods section.

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