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Figure 4

From: Insect cells are superior to Escherichia coli in producing malaria proteins inducing IgG targeting PfEMP1 on infected erythrocytes

Figure 4

IE surface reactivity of sera raised against insect cell produced domains of PFD1235w. Shown is flow cytometry of PFD1235w expressing IE labelled with PFD1235w domains-specific rat antisera (green histograms) or with preimmunization control sera (grey histograms). The corresponding immunofluorescence microscopy surface reactivity is shown by inserts for antisera against CIDR1α, DBL3β, DBL4γ, DBL5δ and DBL5δ-CIDR2β. Preimmunization sera and antisera against VAR2CSA [37] were negative in both assays.

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