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Table 2 Assay specificity for P. knowlesi

From: A TaqMan real-time PCR assay for the detection and quantitation of Plasmodium knowlesi

Sample Code Identification by nested PCR assay Plasprobe Ct* Pk probe Ct*
MISC23 P. vivax 31.2 ND†
CDK123 P. vivax 30.7 ND†
CDK118 P. vivax 27.6 ND†
SKS358 P. vivax 26.7 ND†
KH116 P. falciparum 25.1 ND†
CDK135 P. falciparum 26.7 ND†
CDK67 P. malariae 37.0 ND†
KH352 P. ovale 26.5 ND†
P. cynomolgi Plasmodium-positive 15.0 ND†
P. inui Plasmodium-positive 13.0 ND†
  1. *Cycle threshold.
  2. †ND, not detected.