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Table 2 Overview of malaria RDT brands used by the participants (n = 128).

From: External quality assessment on the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in a non-endemic setting

Manufacturer Malaria RDT Format Target antigens Numbers of participants (%)
Inverness Medical Binax, Inc., Scarborough, Maine, USA Binax NOW® Malaria Test Card box Three-band HRP-2 + Aldolase 54 (42.1)
All Diag, Strasbourg, France Palutop+4® Cassette Four-band HRP-2 + Pv-pLDH + pan-pLDH 26 (20.3)
DiaMed AG, Cressier s/Morat Switzerland OptiMal-IT Hybrid dipstick Three-band Pf-pLDH + pan-pLDH 23 (18.0)
Access Bio Inc, New Jersey, USA CareStart™ Malaria pLDH/HRP2 Combo test Cassette Three-band HRP-2 + pan-pLDH 12 (9.4)
Standard Diagnostics Inc, Hagal-Dong, Korea SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf/Pan FK 60 Cassette Three-band HRP-2 + pan-pLDH 11 (8.6)
Ultimed Ahrensburg, Germany Malaria (P. falciparum/pan) Test Cassette Three-band HRP-2 + pan-pLDH 1 (0.8)
Cypress Diagnostics, Leuven, Belgium Malaria Total Quick Test Cassette Three-band HRP-2 + pan-pLDH 1 (0.8)
  1. The underlined names represent the shortened names used in the text to refer to the different RDT brands.