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Table 3 Score for EQA test results, considered as "report to the clinician".

From: External quality assessment on the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in a non-endemic setting

Correct • Correct diagnosis and correct report.
Very minor error • Not diagnosing or reporting the possibility of a mixed infection, with non-falciparum species as the disregarded species.
Minor error • Missing the diagnosis of non-falciparum species.
  • Reporting "positive" when information on confirmation/ruling out of P. falciparum is available.
  • Reporting P. vivax in stead of non-falciparum species.
  • Correct result but with incorrect comment.
Major error • Invalid RDT test result not recognized.
  • Diagnosis of P. falciparum missed.
 P. falciparum diagnosed or reported as non-falciparum species.
  • Non-falciparum species diagnosed or reported as P. falciparum.
  • Negative sample diagnosed or reported as "positive".