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Table 2 Mean egg hatch proportions as well as late and early hatch proportions in unselected and time-to-hatch selected sub-colonies of Anopheles gambiae GAH.

From: Staggered larval time-to-hatch and insecticide resistance in the major malaria vector Anopheles gambiae S form

Colony/sub-colony Hatch rate/time-to-hatch proportion Disturbed (%) Undisturbed (%)
GAH base Mean hatch 78 20.4
  Proportion late 20.15 29.87
  Proportion early 79.85 70.13
Early Hatch Mean hatch 75 47.23
  Proportion late 5 25.4
  Proportion early 95 74.6
Late Hatch Mean hatch 90.2 11.4
  Proportion late 19.9 37.8
  Proportion early 80.1 62.2
  1. Data are given as mean percentages and are sorted according to whether or not eggs were disturbed prior to hatching.