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Figure 1

From: Optimized high gradient magnetic separation for isolation of Plasmodium-infected red blood cells

Figure 1

Morphology and corresponding flow cytometric analysis of P. falciparum irbc before and after buffer optimized HGMS. 5 × 108 rbc from culture were applied to a HGMS column as described above. Parasitemia was measured by flow-cytometer after staining with Acridine Orange (100,000 events counted). Histograms (A1 and B1) and corresponding blood smears (A2 and B2) of one representative experiment are shown. M1 non infected rbc, M2 infected rbc. A1 and A2: Culture with a total parasitemia of 10.9%. B1 and B2: Result of buffer optimized HGMS of irbc from the culture: irbc containing late trophzoites and schizonts are enriched to a concentration of 98.4%.

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