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Table 3 Comparison between existing irbc concentration and depletion methods and buffer optimized HGMS

From: Optimized high gradient magnetic separation for isolation of Plasmodium-infected red blood cells

Method Application Purity Assay time Cost per sampleA Special equipment required
Percoll®: concentration 50-99% 1-1.5 h 2-3 USD none
Sorbitol lysis: depletion 97-99% 50 min 1-2 USD none
Polymer-coated HGMS: concentration 83-99% 45 min 10-15 USD Magnet, HGMS columns
  depletion NA NA -  
Buffer optimized HGMS: concentration 93-99% 45 min 6-8 USD Magnet, HGMS columns
  depletion 97-98% 50 min   
  1. A For concentration methods cost was estimated for isolation of 107 irbc. assuming 95% purities of separations. Depletion cost refers to depletion of 2 × 107 irbc from cultures.