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Table 1 ITS2 and mitochondrial DNA cyt-b sequences used in the phylogenetic study of An. sundaicus, An. subpictus, and An. vagus genotype B.

From: Malaria vectors of Timor-Leste

Species Site ITS2 accession number* Cyt-b accession number
An. sundaicus- TL415 Timor-Leste GQ480825 GQ480835
An. sundaicus- TL417 Timor-Leste GQ480826 GQ480836
An. sundaicus-I   AY768540  
An. sundaicus-II   AY768541  
An. sundaicus-III   AY768542  
An. sundaicus-IV Malaysia/Borneo AY768543  
An.vagus B-411 Timor-Leste GQ480824 GQ480833
An. vagus B-412 Timor-Leste GQ480823 GQ480834.1
An. subpictus-Viet207 Vietnam GQ480828 GQ480830
An. subpictus-Viet206** Vietnam   GQ480829
An. subpictus PNG170 PNG GQ480827 GQ480831
An. subpictus PNG100** PNG   GQ480832
An. subpictus-SL1 Sri Lanka AY406619  
An. subpictus-SL2 Sri Lanka AY049004  
An. subpictus-SL3 Sri Lanka AY406615  
An. subpictus-SL4 Sri Lanka AY406616  
An. subpictus-SL5 Sri Lanka AY406613  
An. subpictus-India1 India EF601869  
An. subpictus-India2 India EF601868  
An. subpictus-India3 India EF601870  
An. sundaicus-KK19 Vietnam   AY672293
'An. sundaicus-VBL92 Vietnam   AY672286
An. sundaicus-TP26 Vietnam   AY672299
An. sundaicus-VBL93 Vietnam   AY672287
An. sundaicus-VHCM59 Vietnam   AY672288
An. sundaicus-KK57 Vietnam   AY672295
An. sundaicus-VHCM24 Vietnam   AY672290
An. sundaicus-MAT3 Vietnam   AY672310
An. sundaicus-TP22 Vietnam   AY672301
An. sundaicus-TP19 Vietnam   AY672304
An. sundaicus-TPG6 Vietnam   AY672299
An. sundaicus-TP25 Vietnam   AY672305
An. sundaicus-INA7343 Sumatra Indonesia   AY672338
An. sundaicus-INL12 Sumatra Indonesia   AY672322
An. sundaicus-INL2 Sumatra Indonesia   AY672318
An. sundaicus-INL10 Sumatra Indonesia   AY672321
An. sundaicus-MAG4 Malaysia/Borneo   AY672316
An. sundaicus-MAG3 Malaysia/Borneo   AY672315
An. sundaicus-MAG2 Malaysia/Borneo   AY672314
  1. *Anopheles sundaicus ITS2 Variant I is identical to An. epiroticus; Variants I, II and III appear as copy polymorphisms within individuals from Sumatra and Java in Indonesia.
  2. **ITS2 sequence is identical to the one above.