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Table 1 Cell proliferation assay following recovery from infection.

From: Suppressive and additive effects in protection mediated by combinations of monoclonal antibodies specific for merozoite surface protein 1 of Plasmodium yoelii

Spleen cell source Stimulant Amount (μg) Absorbance
Normal MSP-119 10 0.090
Normal MSP-119 20 0.072
F5+B6 recovered Con A 10 0.302
F5+B6 recovered Con A 20 0.329
F5+B6 recovered MSP-119 10 0.338
F5+B6 recovered MSP-119 20 0.445
  1. Normal spleen corresponds to cells from naïve mice as negative control and cells stimulated with Con A are a positive control of proliferation/viability, detected in the MTS assay. A blank value of 0.147, obtained with normal spleen cells without stimulation with MSP-119 or ConA, was subtracted from each absorbance value. Each absorbance value represents the mean from three independent experiments.