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Table 1 ANC services comprised within the National Guidelines on Focused ANC, Malaria and Syphilis in Pregnancy in Tanzania (Source: MOH 2004).

From: Women's experiences and views about costs of seeking malaria chemoprevention and other antenatal services: a qualitative study from two districts in rural Tanzania

Elements of Focused ANC package Basic Practical Services
History Taking: personal information, medical/surgical history, obstetrics and gynaecological history, ownership and use of an ITN
Physical Examination
General appearance, conjuctiva; weight; blood pressure; head to toe assessment including fundal height, lymph glands, gestational age, presentation, foetal lie, foetal heart sounds, genital exam; pelvic exam
Laboratory Tests
Urinary analysis (-albumen and sugar); Haemoglobin (Hb); blood grouping; rhesus factor; VDRL/RPR
Other general Services Information
Immunization and maternal medication information; delivery data, post-natal data, Sexually Transmitted Illnesses screening
- Early detection and management of disease/abnormality
- Counselling on health promotion (including issues related to risks associated with poor nutrition, smoking, alcoholism, unsafe sex, hard work/lack of rest during pregnancy, lack of simple exercises, etc.), unauthorized use of drugs during pregnancy; lack of simple exercises, etc.); breastfeeding; personal hygiene
- Administration of IPTp doses using SP (taking history first about previous use of SP and side-effects, gestational age, educating the client about IPTp, administering IPTp to the eligible ones under direct observation)
- Birth preparedness and Individual Birth Plan
-Danger signs and complication readiness i.e. detection of danger signs and preparedness in case of complications
-Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT) of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
-Infection prevention i.e. the measures to prevent possible infections that would affect the foetus and its mother
-Record keeping, referral and follow-up