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Figure 2

From: Transmission blocking activity of a standardized neem (Azadirachta indica) seed extract on the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium berghei in its vector Anopheles stephensi

Figure 2

Effects of the neem products on P. berghei midgut stages (zygotes to ookinetes). Parasites were counted on 300 microscopic fields (1000× magnification) of midgut content smears of A. stephensi females that had fed 18 (A), and 20 (B) hours before on mice treated with the indicated neem products and doses. NA25, NeemAzal® 25 mg/kg; NA50, NeemAzal® 50 mg/kg; AZA50, azadirachtin 50 mg/kg. Geometric means of zygote + ookinete densities, evaluated over ten smears (30 mosquitoes), with 95% confidence intervals (green bars; left axis). Mature ookinetes/total midgut forms ratio (orange bars; right axis). * means differ significantly from control (Student's t test; p ≤ 0.002)

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