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Table 1 Model selection results from the AIC analysis investigating the importance of environmental and population data on the prevalence of new malaria cases between 1917 and 1918.

From: Assessing the future threat from vivax malaria in the United Kingdom using two markedly different modelling approaches

Model factors K AIC-value Δ-value
MTW 2 213.2 3.7
MTW + APET 3 210.6 1.1
MTW + APET + LnP 4 209.5 0
  1. Presented are those models, of the 32 considered, that (1) had a Δ-value < 6 (defined as the AIC-value of the model minus the smallest of all models) and (2) were not more complicated versions of models having a lower AIC-value. Model factors are abbreviated as: mean temperature during the warmest month (MTW), wetness (APET), and log population density (LnP).