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Table 1 Behaviour change intervention messages

From: Impact of a behaviour change intervention on long-lasting insecticidal net care and repair behaviour and net condition in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Issue to address identified in formative research Key message for BCC
Specific sources of damage to nets Fold or tie net away when not in use to keep out of reach of children, do not let children play with the net
  To avoid attracting rodents, do not soil a net with food, keep food away from nets
  Like a newborn baby, nets need to be handled with care
Lack of clarity on what are and how to carry out the concrete care and repair behaviours You can tie, patch or stitch holes in nets
  Wash nets only when dirty and no more than once every three months, wash gently with mild soap
Making net care and repair a priority and incorporating into household routines Nets are valuable and worth the time to care and repair
  A torn net can still be effective if repaired
  Repair small holes immediately
  When laying out the net for the evening, inspect it regularly for holes
  Holes in your net are like holes in your fence; if thieves (mosquitoes) can enter they may steal your health, money, sound sleep, and even your life