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Table 8 Specific attitudes predicting serviceable condition of campaign nets, using the same regression model as Table 7

From: Impact of a behaviour change intervention on long-lasting insecticidal net care and repair behaviour and net condition in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Confirmed campaign net is in serviceable condition Odds ratio 95% CI p
**There are actions I can take to make nets last long 1.61 1.25-2.08 0.001
**A repaired net is still effective against mosquitoes 1.62 1.25-2.10 0.001
Others in this community repair holes in nets 0.85 0.64-1.13 0.255
I do not have time to repair holes in my net 0.92 0.78-1.09 0.314
I can help protect my family from malaria by taking care of my net 1.10 0.74-1.63 0.629
I am confident I can repair holes immediately 1.00 0.74-1.34 0.985
**Nets are valuable 0.38 0.21-0.69 0.002
It is not possible to repair nets 1.15 0.90-1.45 0.254
  1. Italics indicate negatively-phrased question; inverted when calculating composite attitude score. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.