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Table 1 Reported concerns regarding the Dumuria nets

From: Investigating the acceptability of non-mesh, long-lasting insecticidal nets amongst nomadic communities in Garissa County, Kenya using a prospective, longitudinal study design and cross-sectional household surveys

Concern Respondents reporting concern (%) 95% confidence interval
Colour 47.1 43.1, 51.0
Heat/ventilation 26.6 23.3, 30.0
Shape 20.0 17.0, 23.3
Size 5.4 3.8, 7.4
Fabric and washing 0.5 0.2, 1.4
  1. A breakdown of the different types of concerns reported by study participants in relation to use of the Dumuria nets, with the percentage of respondents reporting each specific concern and the 95% confidence intervals.