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Figure 1

From: IL10A genotypic association with decreased IL-10 circulating levels in malaria infected individuals from endemic area of the Brazilian Amazon

Figure 1

Visualization of amplified fragments on agarose gel. 426 bp fragment: band corresponding to internal control using a pair of primers designed from the nucleotide sequence of human growth hormone; A. 263 bp fragment: specific bands for T and A alleles of IFNG + 874 T/A polymorphism; B. 437 and 136 bp fragments: specific bands for G allele of NOS2A-954G/C polymorphism; 573 bp fragment: specific band for C allele of NOS2A-954G/C polymorphism; C. 258 bp fragment: specific bands for A/T and C alleles of IL10A-592A/C and IL10A-819 T/C polymorphisms were estimated by a single analysis due to the complete linkage disequilibrium of the two SNPs (D’ = 0.99), D. 233 bp fragment: specific bands for G and A alleles of IL10A-1082G/A polymorphism.

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