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Table 1 Parameter input used in the model

From: A spatial individual-based model predicting a great impact of copious sugar sources and resting sites on survival of Anopheles gambiae and malaria parasite transmission

Input/parameter Value Reference
Human moving outdoors 07:00 to 20:00 Assumption
Active time of An. gambiae 19:00 to 05:00 Assumption
Life span of male An. gambiae 7 days [34]
Life span of female An. gambiae 21 days [34]
Threshold of blood-seeking female switching to sugar-seeking 5 hours [35] and assumption
Minimum number of sugar meal of female An. gambiae per night 2 [36]
Minimum number of sugar/blood meal of male An. gambiae per night 1 [36]
Days needed to develop eggs after blood-feeding 2 ~ 3 days [37]
Average size of egg batches 100 [38]
Attractive distance of sugar source 5 m Unpublished study results
Attractive distance of human 40 m Unpublished study results
Sensing distance of larval habitat site 5 m Unpublished study results
Sensing distance of resting site 5 m Unpublished study results
Days of aquatic cycle 12 days [40,42]
Egg capacity of breeding site 400 Assumption
Percentage of eggs developing to adults 5% [40]