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Table 1 NINA- LAMP result compared with Giemsa-stained microscopy and nested PCR for the detection of Plasmodium parasite in 82 patient samples at Kola Diba health centre, Northwest Ethiopia, 2014

From: Evaluation of non-instrumented nucleic acid amplification by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (NINA-LAMP) for the diagnosis of malaria in Northwest Ethiopia

Giemsa microscopy ( n ) Primary NINA- LAMP result (n) Nested PCR (n)
Positives (30), Positives (38), Positives (31),
P. falciparum (13) P. falciparum (26) P. falciparum (13)
P.vivax (17) Non- P. falciparum (12) P. vivax (11), P. ovale (7)
Negatives (52) Negatives (44) Negatives (51)
  1. n = number of blood samples examined; NINA = Non-instrumented nucleic acid amplification; LAMP = Loop-mediated isothermal amplification; nested PCR = nested polymerase chain reaction.