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Table 3 Blood meal source of mosquitoes harbouring identified blood parasite lineages

From: Avian malaria parasites in the last supper: identifying encounters between parasites and the invasive Asian mosquito tiger and native mosquito species in Italy

Parasite genus Lineage Mosquito species Hosts Times isolated Known distribution
Plasmodium AFTRU5 Cx. pipiens Turdus merula 1 Africa, Asia, Europe*
  Delurb4 Cx. pipiens Numida meleagris 1 Asia, Europe
    Passer domesticus 1  
  GRW11 Cx. pipiens Passer domesticus 1 Africa, Asia, Europe
  LINN1 Cx. pipiens Turdus merula 6 Asia, Europe, Oceanía**
    Passer montanus 1  
    Athene noctua 1  
   Cx. hortensis Podarcis muralis 1  
  SGS1 Cx. pipiens Passer domesticus 4 Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania
    Passer montanus 1  
    Turdus merula 1  
    Gallus gallus 1  
  SYAT05 Cx. pipiens Turdus merula 41 Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceanía
    Meleagris gallopavo 1  
    Passer domesticus 2  
    Podarcis muralis 1  
   Ae. albopictus Turdus merula 1  
Haemoproteus TURDUS2 Cx. pipiens Turdus merula 3 America, Asia, Europe
  hCircum05 Cx. pipiens Pica pica 1 Europe
  hItCxpip01 Cx. pipiens Pica pica 2 Europe
  Padom3 Cx. pipiens Passer montanus 1 Europe
  1. Previous known distribution of parasites according to Malavi database is recorded [36]. *Aftru5 was detected in birds in captivity in Oceania. **LINN1 was also isolated from whole unengorged mosquitoes in America [25].