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Figure 2

From: Submicroscopic and asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax infections are common in western Thailand - molecular and serological evidence

Figure 2

Analysis of intensity and breadth of antibody response to P. f alciparum and P. vivax . Plasma samples from the community MBS or malaria clinic PCD are segregated by qPCR result. (A) Average signal intensity of antibody binding to seroreactive polypeptides, shown as the mean log2-transformed signal intensity with 95% CI (error bars) for each plasma group. (B) Breadth of antibody response by each plasma group, shown as a box-whisker plot of the number of antigens recognized by plasma antibodies. Each box indicates the first and third quartiles, and the line inside the box is the median. The 1.5× interquartile range is indicated by the vertical line bisecting the box.

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