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Figure 4

From: Discovery of an oviposition attractant for gravid malaria vectors of the Anopheles gambiae species complex

Figure 4

Mean per cent of gravid Anopheles gambiae responding to control and test treatments in choice experiments. (A) Cage bioassays with soil infusions of increasing incubation time and comparison of autoclaved versus unmodified infusion. The data from Herrera-Varela and others [12] have been re-analysed for this figure to show the per cent of females responding. These data present the background for the current study. Headspace collections for identification of volatile chemicals were implemented for autoclaved and unmodified six-day old soil infusions in parallel to these behavioural assays. (B) Cage bioassays with cedrol-treated lake water in increasing concentrations. (C) Semi-field evaluation of response off free-flying gravid females to cedrol-baited traps.

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