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Table 4 Quotes illustrating perceived optimal treatments for malaria

From: Foul wind, spirits and witchcraft: illness conceptions and health-seeking behaviour for malaria in the Gambia

Perceived optimal treatments Respondent
Malaria should not be treated through the traditional line. The medical treatment is the most effective method because they will examine my body and give me medications to take. Young woman, housework; Mandinka, Niji
The only way that I recommend is the clinical treatment. If my child gets infected I rush him to the clinic and with the help of God, it will get okay within a short period of time even before the medicine gets finished. Elderly woman, farmer; Mandinka, Niji
I prefer the clinical method of treatment because they are the ones who can be able to see and diagnose a disease that I cannot myself. When they examine my body they know exactly what part of my body is infected. Because the traditional way of treatment cannot help you enough to know what you are actually suffering from. Young Man, business; Mandinka, Kulluh Kouleh
The pharmacy is very expensive so that we normally do not go because we do not have money. So if we do not have the money we use our traditional medicines like leaves and herbs. Middle aged woman, farmer; Fula, Sahre Sillere
If those are the causes (ming kesa sande) then we should try the traditional treatment to see because the medical line would not be able to cure such diseases. If at all the sickness is caused by mosquitoes only, then the hospital will be able to do something about it but if these forces get themselves involved, the hospital cannot cure that. Young woman, farmer; Mandinka, Niji
When one is sick with Kajeje, we use haako duke (leaf) and hit the sick person on the head for seven times then allow the leaf to dry in the sun, as soon as the leave gets dry, they sick person will recover. Or we also put coos (millet) on the person’s head for some time so that when the person vomits a greenish colour, he/she will stop vomiting after the coos has been put on the person’s head. Elderly man, retired herder; Fula, Sahre Sillere
Sometimes people come here with herbs, put them in water, boil it and ask you to drink it. Or they will also take you to the hospital, test your blood, so when you have malaria they will give you the required treatment. Young man, teacher; Fula, Sahre Sillere