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Table 1 Advantages and disadvantages of these new AlphaLISA and DELFIA assays

From: Development of two novel high-throughput assays to quantify ubiquitylated proteins in cell lysates: application to screening of new anti-malarials

  Advantages Disadvantages
AlphaLISA • High throughput: • Prone to interferences: aggregating compounds (false positive), chemical or colour quenchers (false negative)
- Homogeneous: mix and measure assay eliminating washing steps
- Save time and work
- 1,536 well plate format
DELFIA • Lower interference: • Lower throughput:
- Compounds and non-specific assay reagents are removed in the washing steps - Heterogeneous. Washes are needed: labour intensive
- Transfer step: iRBCs transfer to streptavidin plates is required after treatment. Time consuming.
- More sources of assay variability
- 384-well plates