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Table 2 The parameter descriptions and settings for calculating vectorial capacity

From: Mining geographic variations of Plasmodium vivax for active surveillance: a case study in China

Parameters Descriptions Values
Gonotrophic cycle length: U=0.5+f u /(Tg u )
f u The number of degree days needed for maturation 36.5 ([30])
g u The threshold below which gonotrophic development ceases 9.9 ([30])
T The average temperature of an individual town MODIS ([40])
The probability of daily survival: p=α 1/U
α The proportion of vectors surviving each gonotrophic cycle 0.5 ([30])
Sporogonic cycle length: n=f n /(Tg n )
f n The number of degree days required for parasite development 105 ([24,48])
g n The threshold below which parasite development ceases 18 °C ([30])
Human biting habit: a=h/U
h The human blood index 0.7 ([30])
The ratio of mosquitoes to human: m=10R/P
R The average rainfall of an individual town TRMM ([41])
P The human population in an individual town Census ([22])
  1. The table is adopted from the existing work [16]