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Table 3 Results from interrupted time series regression assessing the odds of suspected cases being tested for malaria in Lusaka District before and after the intervention of enhanced surveillance and feedback loop. Standard errors have been adjusted for correlated data at the clinic level

From: Enhanced surveillance and data feedback loop associated with improved malaria data in Lusaka, Zambia

  Factor Odds ratio (95 % confidence interval) p-value
Time period Pre-intervention Reference  
Post-intervention 1.543 (0.956–2.491) 0.074
Monthly trend Pre-intervention 1.009 (0.983–1.036) 0.487
Post-intervention 1.048 (1.007–1.091) 0.023
Season Dry Reference  
Wet 0.974 (0.845–1.123) 0.708
Total outpatient attendance Per 1,000 0.919 (0.883–0.956) <0.001
  1. N = 26 facilities and 1,345,978 suspected malaria cases