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Table 2 MMP activity profiles

From: Malaria and the mobile and migrant population in Cambodia: a population movement framework to inform strategies for malaria control and elimination

Profile Activities Example
Seasonal workers Agricultural activities occurring during planting season (end of dry season) and harvesting season (end of rainy season), usually in foothills/plains/valleys Farming, rubber or cassava plantations
Construction/mine workers Activities related to infrastructure construction or mining in forested areas, usually in upland forest/hills/valleys Dam or road construction, gold or gem mines
Forest workers Activities in heavily forested and remote areas in small mobile groups, usually in upland forest/hills Gathering forest products, hunting, logging, fishing
Security personnel Activities related to patrolling in forested border areas, including military, police, border patrol units  
Visitors Tourism, visits to relatives which could include spending up to one week in or near the forest Family event, national holiday, ecotourism