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Figure 6

From: Predicting the impact of border control on malaria transmission: a simulated focal screen and treat campaign

Figure 6

Predicted impact due to FSAT between 2014 and 2018. a Shows the percentage decrease in local infections due to the FSAT and b shows the impact of FSAT on local infections in Ehlanzeni district through time compared to the base case of no interventions (black). The impact of FSAT is predicted for different (1) coverage proportions, (2) thresholds of detections for the diagnostic tool used (parasites/µL), (3) take-up proportions, (4) coverage proportions for mass drug administration and (5) weekly targets (capacity) keeping all other variables constant. 95% confidence intervals are depicted for the average percentage decrease. The colours of the bars in (a) correspond to the level of local infections depicted in (b).

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