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Table 4 Multiplicity of infection and expected heterozygosity (HE) of three different P. vivax polymorphic markers (based on PCR)

From: Genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax in clinical isolates from Bangladesh

Pvcsp Pvmsp 1 Pvmsp 3α
Number of PCR positive samples (n) 102 102 102
Mean MOI 1.07 1.17 1.13
HE 0.777 0.689 0.437
\({\text{P}} = \sum {\text{Pi}}^{ 2}\) 0.230 0.318 0.567
Combined probabilitya   0.041  
  1. MOI mean multiplicity of infection, H E heterozygosity (expected).
  2. aCalculated by multiplying the probabilities ‘P’ for all markers, which defines any of two independent clones share the same genotype.